The Grey Journal


Sermon the First: The SYSTEM

april 19, 2020

    Everything exists within the SYSTEM. Whether it manifests as the System of Law, the System of Society, or the System of Physics, it is always the same. The System has laws, and it expects them to be followed. Failure to follow the laws of the System can be met with harsh punishment, or be nearly impossible, in the case of Physics. The System brings order, both positive and negative - it is like the rules to a game that make it fun and fair. Of course, every game needs a few house rules, and the System's rigidity is the primary cause of its negativity. The law of Gravity is convenient because it holds our atmosphere in for us to breathe, but it is inconvenient because it forbids us from taking flight without considerable effort. The law against Trespass is convenient because it gives us a bureacratic means to evict intruders from our home, but it is inconvenient because it allows the people at Area 51 to shoot us if we try to visit the site. (The law against Trespass really does more harm than good.) And the law of Gender is convenient because...because...hmm...I can't think of any reason. Gender is a terrible law; a prime example of negative order. It is an unjust System that causes most people quite a bit of harm. And so, I advise you to abolish it. How this might be achieved, I don't know. Perhaps we can create a mind-erasing ray that deletes the System of Gender from the minds of everyone...but that has its own moral implications, and now I'm rambling. I'm not sure where I was going with this, anyway. Fuck gender. I'm out.